Om filmen

Tittel: mid90s

Premiere: 2019-04-26

Varighet: 1t 25min

Sjanger: Drama/komedie

Regissør: Jonah Hill

Mid90s er debutfilmen til Jonah Hill. Filmen er rangert som en av National Board of Reviews topp 10 independentfilmer i 2018. «mid90s is a beautiful tribute to skate culture» Vanyaland «You'll find proof positive in the hilarious and heartfelt movie, set to a rock and hip-hop soundtrack that predates the digital age» Rolling Stone Magazine «mid90s, though made by a Hollywood star, isn't a nostalgic indie "fable" in gritty skate-punk drag. It's something smaller and purer: a slice of street life made up of skittery moments» Variety «For most of the ride, Mid90s feels like an accurate time capsule - and a relatable journey even if you've never been on a skateboard in your life» Chicago Sun-Times «A tender glance back at adolescence that dodges the kind of generational nostalgia suggested by the title» Washington Post